From November 19 to November 21, 2016

Following the successful edition at Milan Expo2015 and New York 2016, Panorama, the video installation on Italian beauty is coming to Shanghai, during the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai.

Shanghai Exhibition Centre (SEC)
No. 1000 Yan'an Mid Road
Jing'an District, Shanghai 200040

Panorama in Shanghai was brought to life by:
Altagamma Foundation
Salone del Mobile.Milano

Ministry of Economic Development
Italian Trade Agency
National Chamber for Italian Fashion
Milan Chamber of Commerce
Municipality of Milan

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
Touring Club Italiano
Archivio Fotografico Scala



This project is proof of the vitality of our creative industry, a sector that combines technology with our excellent cultural heritage.
Carlo Calenda - Minister Economic Development
Panorama is a great example of a collective project for the Italian cultural and creative Industries.
Ivan Scalfarotto, Vice Minister of Economic Development
Made in Italy symbolizes the essence of Italian Culture: history, experience, innovation and creativity.
Michele Scannavini, Chairman - ICE - Italian Trade Agency
The project highlights the components which are the basis of our Made in Italy excellence: beauty, art, history, and talent.
Salvatore Rebecchini - Chairman Simest
This initiative proves that there is a will and a facility for the Made in Italy system to act as a team and share objectives .
Cristina Tajani - City of Milan Council Member for Labor Policies, Economic Development, Fashion, and Design
By innovating the way we promote Made in Italy and Made in Milan, the Panorama project strengthens communications for excellence and Italian beauty.
Carlo Sangalli - Chairman MIlan Chamber of Commerce
Panorama is a tribute to the instinctive affinity that Italians have towards Beauty.
Andrea Illy - Chairman Fondazione Altagamma
Italy is a republic founded on aesthetics, capable of combining craftsmanship and technology, research and tradition, efficiency and creativity .
Carlo Capasa - Chairman The National Chamber for Italian Fashion
A strategic team project that allows us to show the best of our Italian know-how to an international audience.
Roberto Snaidero - Chairman Salone del Mobile. Milano



Panorama is from the Greek pan- ‘everything’ and orama ‘sight’, from orào ‘I see

A vivid optical machine, in which the viewer can see a broad picture that, produces a perfect illusion; a representation of the most beautiful monuments in a city, a lithography or etching; a magnificent view that embraces a great vista.



Panorama is an extraordinary story of beauty and Italian excellence, born thanks to the co-operation of several partners, who share the goal of enhancing the meaning behind “Made in Italy”, which debuted for the first time at Expo.

Panorama is about the strong link between nature, culture and craftsmanship, it shows how Italian excellence – including fashion, design and food – is well established in the savoir-faire and cultural heritage that Italy has created over 3000 years of history.

A Contemporary Grand Tour


The Panorama team travelled across the entire country in order to shoot images in more than 200 locations and 100 companies, creating the most emotional and innovative movie on Italian beauty.

The best cultural and creative Italian industries showed the cameras the secrets of their creations and drones used for the 360° shoots for the first time flew over the most beautiful landscapes and artistic sites.

Landscapes and Artistic Venues: here

Soundtrack: here



Panoramas were born as popular entertainment in the 18th century: a circular room, whose walls present a 360-degree view recreating the illusion of a surrounding landscape.



In 1792, Robert Barker built the first Panorama in London:  a view of the city. It was the first pictorial representation of a 360-degree scene and led to the term panorama, coined by the English painter.


Since the early nineteenth century, the panorama has become very popular and several “rotunda” were created to contain the paintings.

A few examples:

  • Johann Michael Sattler, Austrian painter (1786-1847) who portrayed the city of Salzburg in 1828. Today, his Panorama is guarded at the Salzburg Museum.
  • The Mesdag Panorama was completed by the painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag in 1881: it is located in the Hague, Holland and is one of the last existing panoramas.
  •  In 1897 Giovanni Segantini designed the Engadina Panorama for the Universal Expo in Paris in 1900.

1851 – 2015

Since 1851, when the first edition of the Universal Expo took place in London, Panoramas played an important part in Expo, thanks to their spectacular nature and the enchantment that they arouse in the audience. Cinema would become their direct competitor.

This Panorama is the first video format release implemented at the World Expo and it uses the latest technology to reproduce the same sense of wonder and immersion in the show area.




“With Panorama, I aimed at reinterpreting the beauty of Italy according to the principle of Kalos Kai Agathos, where beauty and goodness are essential and inseparable. Goodness means the inner dimension of man and ethics, with the recognition of values such as creativity and design.”

“In a time that favours a distinct vision of the different segments, Panorama offers a unified vision of beauty, where the arts, landscapes, manufacturing, planning, engineering, fashion and design are embraced in a single glance, because they are the result of a single project, an exclusive, creative and unique art: Italian Culture.”

 Davide Rampello




Following a successful debut at Expo2015, Panorama, the video installation on Italian beauty came to New York City’s iconic Grand Central Terminal, from June 25 to July 20, 2016 and was visited by more than 16.000 people.

The Opening cocktail was attended by more than 250 people and participated by the Chairman of Altagamma, Andrea Illy, the Chariman if Italian Trade Agency, Michele Scannavini, the Vice Minister Ivan Scalfarotto and the Italian Ambassador in the US, Armando Varricchio.

A silent auction took place during that night, with 62 products offered by Altagamma companies, in favour of the American Cancer Foundation .

On June 28th, the event Vendemmia Altagamma took place, a special tasting during which the Altagamma Wine Companies offered to journalists and trade operators the possibility to savourt their top products, while watching the amazing 360° video on the Italian Grape Harvest.


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Panorama at Expo 2015 Milan

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Panorama is the result of the collaboration between leading Italian companies representing the cultural and creative industries together with some prestigious institutions.


Talking about Excellence

The project “Panorama” at EXPO2015 includes also a series of speeches, called “Talks On Excellence”, that have been developed together with the Directors of some of the major Italian magazines.  

They were an occasion to go deeper on excellence – together with the main protagonists of the Italian Beauty – and to face the challenges that are waiting for us, to create a dialogue with the real Ambassadors of Made in Italy.  

Tuesday, July 14th at 7 PM: Ettore Mocchetti, Director of “La Cucina Italiana”, meets the chef Gualtiero Marchesi

Wednesday, September 9th at 7 PM: Gilda Bojardi, Director of “Interni”, meets the architect Piero Lissoni

Thursday, September 17th at 7PM: Luciano Fontana, Director of “Corriere della sera”, meets Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development

Thursday, October 1th at 7 PM: Liva Peraldo Matton, Editor of “Elle Decor”, meets the photographer Giovanni Gastel